Who are we?

Registrate Latino Radio (RLR) is a commercial radio who streams online radio programs for a broad spectrum of radio listeners and has as big group of Latinos wherever they may be in this world.

Our programs which, besides music and music videos, also broadcast interviews, comments and opinions about the social and cultural state of art in our countries.

A radio that is fully aware of the importance to bring the actual information to our radio listeners, a radio on a mission, which at the same time sees the essence of RLR, and transmits with quality. RLR has a vision that encompasses the borders of the possible, bring our everyday lives to our homes and to every corner where Internet is present.

Registrate Latino Radio, has an enthusiastic and experienced team composed by people of different profiles and nationalities, which deeply dominate not only the radio production, but that they also organize events, give lectures on art and culture and above all, support the development and promotion of the culture in our countries.

RLR is aware of the differences, but also of the common aspects. It is a radio who knows what it does and knows what it want. A radio with a dynamic programming, sometimes unconventional, that draws on the views of their radios listeners and on the artists who are contacting us and for which we work.

A radio station that aims to promote not only the cultural development, but also the economic development of our regions bringing companies and customers in contact.

For all this reasons, respecting the basic rules of the social coexistence, the multiculturalism and pluralism on taste and beliefs at all levels, we want that RLR becomes your favourite radio.

Registrate Latino Radio

Department of Public Relation